There is no better shop, and no better service. Zoe styles me head to toe every time I’ve walked in and has the best taste. She also makes some of the things herself and there’s the perfect range of prices and styles. Coolest store in SD, hands down. The handmade jewelry is also incredible!!

Sarah S. | June 2018

Came from Los Angeles in search of the most stylish unique vintage clothing. Hunt & Gather did not disappoint! Highly recommend if in SoCal and looking for original designs and clothing — :) !!

Chris B. | Sep 2018

Had an amazing experience today, my first time in the store. Staff was super kind, genuinely interested in helping me find what I didn't even know I was looking for. Awesome!

Robbie M. | April 2018

My favorite shop on the planet! You can tell the buyers are the most creative, fun, and brilliant people ever... because everything in there is pure magic!

Annie E. | Dec 2017

Seriously could've spent all my money at Hunt & Gather alone! Was finding myself having to be dragged out still checking out stuff. Amazing selection and prime location in North Park. Will be coming back to try and get a hold of some more gems to add to the wardrobe. One love <3

Eric S. | Feb 2017

Hunt & Gather

3817 Ray St, SD, CA 92104

MON - SUN | 12am - 6pm
(Give or take an hour)

(619) 297-3040