We are huge proponents of what's now being refereed to as "slow fashion". As a vintage boutique and as human beings we support second-hand clothing ownership of all shapes and sizes, as it helps to combat harmful impacts that the textile industry, through over-production and other factors, has on the environment.

Fashion is now the second worst polluting industry in the world. It is our duty, and that of our shoppers, to better allocate existing garments and not frivolously add to the world's trash burden.

To learn more about fast fashion's place in global sustainability, we recommend the following reading material:

 Slow Fashion Hunt Gather Sustainability San Diego Vintage

On the subject of sustainability, shoppers may also notice that some orders are packed using second-use shipping materials. This is in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint as we expand into e-commerce, a market where paper waste is a major drawback. We assure that all reused packaging materials are of sound structure; none are reused from food or other perishable products. 

If you'd prefer your items be mailed using brand new packaging materials, please contact us with the request immediately after submitting an order. Please include your order number in the message.

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