Pacific San Diego | November 22, 2017

Local shopping experiences in San Diego’s stylish neighborhoods   by Nina Hall

"If it’s clothes you want, Hunt & Gather and The Girl Can’t Help It have a mix of vintage and new items for men and women, Junc is all about shoes and bags, and Mimi & Red has all your jumpsuit and romper needs, plus affordable stocking stuffers." | November 15, 2017

10 Boutiques For Your Perfect NYE Outfit   by Lauren Dawson

"Hunt & Gather is a unique vintage shop located in the heart of North Park where you are bound to find sequins galore."



USA Today

Explore San Diego after sunset   by Amber Racer

"By day, the hip neighborhood of North Park is a trendy place to shop for vintage clothes (Hunt & Gather), artisan-made home goods (Geographie) and gourmet doughnuts (Nomad Donuts). After-hours, artists, hipsters and musicians come out to celebrate in a truly unique neighborhood where anything goes."



San Diego Moms Blog | April 24, 2017

3 Ways You Can Save the Planet in Your Own Home   by Amanda Ortega

"I’ve found some great jewelry here in the past and a girlfriend of mine bought a killer leather jacket at a steal. I know I’ll be popping in here to see what new stuff they have, plus the staff here is super nice!" | December 30, 2016

Where to Shop in San Diego   by Cory Baldwin

"Head to this North Park boutique for fun and flashy but very wearable vintage items, from funky printed dresses to leather jackets. It's the kind of place where you're sure to find a new favorite piece. Keep an eye out for pieces from local designers, art, and records while you're at it, too."

Shopping Itineraries for All    by Sandra Veum

"The hip and urban scene of both North Park and South Park are areas to experience San Diego's cool-vibe. North Park is known for hip restaurants, dessert bars, men's & women's boutiques, lifestyle & home goods boutiques, vintage stores, breweries, wine bars, coffee shops and galleries. Some buzzed-about boutiques to visit are the men's and women's re-worked vintage clothing and accessories boutique, Hunt & Gather; the uber-cool lifestyle & home goods boutique, Pigment; and the California-cool men's & women's boutique, Aloha Sunday."

Shopping Blocks Not To Miss    by Sandra Veum

"For the hip and happening local scene, the places to be are the North Park and South Park neighborhoods along 30th Street and University, as well as 30th Street and Fern. Both areas offer a diversified variety of restaurants, coffee houses, dessert bars, bars, beer pubs, vintage stores and colorful boutiques. For fashion, gifts, vintage or home goods, visit Mimi & Red, Love & Aesthetics (for men), Simply Local (55 local vendors under one roof), Aloha Sunday Supply Co., Hunt & Gather (vintage), Mythology Eco-Boutique (Eco-friendly), Junc.Life, Bad Madge & Company (vintage) and Graffiti Beach Boutique. Home and gift stores to check out include Pigment and Make Good." | April 16, 2016

Your Guide to Thrifting in San Diego   by Soni Bhalla

"Located in the trendy neighborhood of North Park, this little shop features a tastefully curated selection of vintage finds. Their selection of leather jackets, silk kimonos, and high waisted-everything is unparalleled. They even offer a discount during festival season!"



Pacific San Diego | April 3, 2015

Top San Diego boutiques for Coachella fashion    by Michelle Dederko

"Specializing in women's and men's vintage clothing, accessories and more, Hunt & Gather carries carefully selected rare pieces on track with today's trends."



Pacific San Diego | January 2, 2015

Find your cool in North Park   by Amy Granite

"New and used clothing store specializing in vintage finds for men and women, records and jewelry at affordable prices."



SD City Beat | October 21, 2014

Best of 2014: Hunt & Gather    by Kinsee Morlan

"Zoe Crenshaw and Lee Reynolds might be the youngest-looking, most fashionable grandparents in town. Lucky for San Diego, the married couple's personal Fountain of Youth is no secret; it comes in the shape of their zany little clothing and apparel shop in North Park, Hunt & Gather (2871 University Ave.).

'We're just super-selective about what we put out here,' Crenshaw says, thumbing through racks of colorful, vintage clothing, plus a few handmade garments she designed and crafted herself. "It has to be unique and special, not anything you'd find at the mall. Maybe something you'd find in Grandma's closet‚ÄĒdeep, deep back in there."

Crenshaw handpicks most all of Hunt & Gather's eccentric inventory. A former denim designer at Bebe and other big-name brands, she has a degree in fashion design and an incredible knack for finding the one flawless 1975 Christian Dior dress amid a mess of smelly old rags.

She scores the best stuff at overlooked thrift stores, often tagging along with Reynolds, a longtime, well-known DJ, on his out-of-town gigs and hitting up spots she thinks have never been picked through by someone with her distinct fashion sense.

More and more, Hunt & Gather is becoming known among Burning Man folks and other festivalgoers as the place to find funky outfits that stand out at the arty, free-spirited affairs. Reynolds even mixes original blends of house and techno music especially for the shop, giving the place its own bohemian party vibe.

The duo just celebrated the shop's five-year anniversary. Crenshaw says people who walk in seem to really appreciate the concept.

'There's backlash against the mall and mass-made products, and more people appreciate old things,' she says. 'They're well-made. They stand the test of time. Like that sweater there: It looked good 20 years ago, and it'll look good 20 years from now.'"



San Diego Reader | December 5, 2013


"No matter how much Macklemore and Wanz hype the virtues of thrift-store shopping, sometimes you just don’t have time to wade through the faded polos and beer-stained grandpa jackets to find that diamond among the dust bunnies. Luckily, the folks at Hunt & Gather are seasoned vintage miners with an eye for esoteric outerwear, which is modified in-store to craft unprecedented fashions for both men and women. Among the upcycled attire you’ll find exclusive designer pieces, cowboy boots, customized handbags, local jewelry and art, feathered headbands (because Burning Man), and chronologically sorted vinyl." | August 2, 2013

9 Must-Visit Indie Shops In San Diego's Happening 'Hoods   by Danielle Directo-Meston

"Bringing boho chic to North Park is this eclectic boutique of men's and women's vintage and up-cycled apparel, plus tees and jewelry from the area's top talent."



Refinery 29 | February 12, 2013

25 Reasons To Hit The 405 South And Head To San Diego   by Erin Fitzpatrick

"Vintage lovers, hightail it to North Park's Hunt & Gather. It stocks new and vintage clothes, jewelry, and accessories for both men and women, as well as an awesome collection of records and artwork."



San Diego Reader | December 28, 2011

Moonshake's Techy Grooves   by Bobby Bray

"A DJ setup resides at Reynolds’s Hunt & Gather, a clothing boutique owned by him and his wife Zoe. The shop contains jewelry by local designers, reworked vintage garments, and a selection of records. Zoe has been styling professionally, and Reynolds maintains that Hunt & Gather provides that vibe." | September 10, 2011

North Park Boutiques: Hunt And Gather   by Kristen Fogle

"The title of the store‚Äôs instructions are simple but clear. Find your items and get ‚Äėem. Established in May of 2009 by husband and wife, Zoe Crenshaw and Lee Reynolds, this is the team‚Äôs first retail store; both are seasoned clothing designers who have worked in the apparel industry for many years. Crenshaw details Hunt and Gather‚Äôs aesthetic best: ‚ÄúThe concept is to offer unique and original clothing from local designers and previous decades. We carry lots of carefully selected wild to rare vintage pieces that are on track with today‚Äôs high fashion looks seen on the streets of New York/Paris/London. Our goal is to provide affordable style. The atmosphere is happy, fun, and lacking pretension or attitude."

The store is great because of their constantly revolving merch and its selection; the store specializes in men and women’s new and vintage clothing, accessories, one of a kind pieces, jewelry, records, and artwork. The store is big into in-house DJs, which they advertise regularly on their Web site." | March 30, 2011

New Boutique and Spa Happenings Around San Diego   by Rebekah Sager

"Hunt & Gather, once located in the heart of University City has moved to North Park. Located on University Street across the street from Material boutique and next door to the restaurant Chop Suey, the vintage and ‚Äúup-cycled‚ÄĚ clothing store looks fresh and modern with it‚Äôs all new dressing rooms (hand built by owner Lee Reynolds), clean concrete floors, contemporary light fixtures, and cool glass display cases.

Still offering some of the best in hard to find shoes, accessories, vintage furs, and local jewelry, the new space gives customers more room to browse."



SD City Beat

Best Of: New Vintage Store   by Sammi Skolmoksi

"Hunt & Gather is a tiny treasure trove in University Heights owned by Zoe Crenshaw and Lee Reynolds. The couple has put together an impeccably maintained collection of unique merchandise from estate sales, rummage sales and their own travels that Crenshaw reworks with her fleet of sewing machines in the back of the store. The results rival designer wear from the pages of Nylon. New clothing includes head wear by Brixton and consignment from a handful of local designers. Crenshaw promises the coming months will introduce jeans, cashmere sweaters, Hunt & Gather original screen-printed tees and styling services. Some pieces are bit pricey, as is anything "vintage," but they're fair considering the amount of thoughtful work that goes into each one. There's a kick-ass record selection, too, that comes from Reynolds' personal collection of more than 10,000."

Fall Fashion 411   by Teri Miyahira

"It's been said time and time again that the San Diego fashion scene has more to offer than flip-flops and beachwear. Here to prove it are nine local boutiques, owners and fashion designers who are fearlessly fighting the economic slump and common beach bum myth about local fashion. And they have something to say on fall fashion trends, what not to wear and what they hate about San Diego's alleged fashion sense.


Tell us about your boutique.

ZC: We mix new pieces with vintage. And a lot of what we sell is reconstructed vintage, so we'll take a vintage piece and make it more modern. We have an eclectic mix at reasonable prices. 

LR: We opened at the end of May after spending fifteen years in the fashion business, we wanted to do our own thing. Zoe was designing for Bebe, Fox and Body Glove before we opened the store.


What's a fashion piece you can't live without?

ZC: Great basics spiced up with something special like a sequined jacket or funky vest and a statement piece of jewelry.

LR: Wesc jeans and Asics sneakers.


What are some of your fashion pet peeves?

ZC: I don't judge other people's style. Everyone is different and everyone has the right to express themselves (or not) with the clothes they select.


Who is your fashion inspiration?

ZC: I am inspired by the stylish people who shop at Hunt & Gather. Sometimes, I like to see what the big designers are doing, but in general, it's people I know - my friends.

LR: Mine is Zoe.


What's your take on the San Diego fashion scene?

ZC: San Diego has a fashion scene?"



SD City Beat | March 22, 2011

San Diego boutique shopping   by Clea Hantman

"And by the time this prints, the truly wonderful boutique Hunt & Gather will have moved into its new digs in North Park (closing the old location in University Heights). The new spot is 2871 University Ave. It might win the prize, if I ever award one, for my favorite stylish small shop in San Diego, and I eagerly await the move. If anyone can break me of my bad habits, it's H&G."



City's Best San Diego | February 2, 2011

Hunt & Gather: Why It's the Coolest Shop in S.D.   by Christiana Ablahad

"Right around the corner from the hipster coffee shops and ethnic restaurants of University Heights' main Park Boulevard strip sits Hunt & Gather, a gem of a vintage/music/lifestyle shop. Zoe Crenshaw and Lee Reynolds, experienced designers and DJ (Reynolds), opened Hunt & Gather in 2009 as a shopping go-to for curated and reworked vintage wares, as well as new and local labels. Music's definitely in the mix, too; they sell a wide selection of records and throw slammin' parties complete with an in-house turntable. We chatted up Crenshaw to find out more about the married couple behind the boutique.

What made you open a shop in University Heights? It's a cute area but not necessarily known as a retail destination.
Our shop was previously a clothing store called Neighborhood, so people already knew there was a clothing store at this location. The people that live in University Heights are super supportive and love having a clothing store so close to them.

How big of an influence is music at Hunt & Gather?
Music is huge in our lives ... Lee is a DJ and he has a couple events a month. Moonshake at Kadan and Machine Funk at Kava Lounge ... and then Get Ugly happens around town or in TJ. We also carry lots of amazing records at H&G.

Do you rework some of your vintage pieces yourselves?
Yes, I have sewing machines in a lithe room in the back. I love to take vintage and make it more modem by modifying the length or by taking off the sleeves.

What are some of the unique challenges of running a shop as a married couple?
We are pretty lucky that we get along so well. I think we are good at figuring out what each of us are good at. I am obsessed with making everything look good, and he's good at keeping the financials in order.

What's the most lust-worthy item (or two) that you carry right this second?
People are usually pretty taken with our amazing jewelry from local designers like Jess Lambard or Elise Gonsalves People are also in love with our logo tee with the tiger -- it's the softest tee! It feels like butter.

Where do you like to shop (other than at Hunt & Gather, of course)?
I'm a big fan of bargains! I like Nordstrom Rack and Barneys Outlet. I love vintage, obviously ... so I love thrift stores, garage sales and the swap meet.

What are your favorites in San Diego?
Kobey's Swap Meet, Amvets and the D.A.V. Veteran's Thrift Shop.

If you could peer inside a crystal ball, what would you like to see in your shop's future?
I would love to have a bigger shop someday so I could expand on the vintage and also have more new items like jeans and shoes We also plan on designing a line of clothing to sell at our shop and hopefully others like ours."



Urbanist Guides | January 5, 2011


"Hunt & Gather in University Heights has it all… killer style, vintage, new, Women’s, Men’s, Re-worked vintage, locally designed jewelry, Art, Records, Home goods, Oh my!"



College Fashionista | November 5, 2010


"Nightmare: stepping in somewhere to see someone else in the exact same outfit. Dream: stomping Into the hottest spot surrounded by everyone asking you where they can buy your outfit. And then telling them they can't because it's a re-worked vintage piece from a local boutique ‚ÄĒ a one-of-a-kind item.

For an affordable collection of unique finds, head down to Hunt & Gather in University Heights, the hole-in-the-wall shop that holds new and vintage clothing, designer pieces and accessories from local designers (Including Molly B Bikinis!). Opened in May 2009, the boutique Is run by Zoe Crenshaw & Lee Reynolds, the team of seasoned clothing designers who balance each other out as business partners as well as husband and wife!

Crenshaw and Reynolds have hunted and gathered literally, their bits and pieces of fashion from everywhere, including rummage sales and their personal world travels. Yet even more so, Hunt & Gather Is a true one-stop shop: it also carries a selection of records and art pieces, offers carefully curated playlists online, and often hosts in-store mixers and neighborhood music events. Recently, they've been stepping outside Into the streets of San Diego for seasonal photo shoots.

The concept is to offer unique and original clothing from local designers and previous decades," says Crenshaw. 'We carry lots of carefully selected wild to rare vintage pieces that are on track with today's high fashion looks seen on the streets of New York/Paris/London. Our goal is to provide affordable style." I chatted with Zoe Crenshaw on the fun and unpretentious attitude of the boutique!

How did you start to re-work vintage clothing?
I started teaching myself about fashion: my grandma gave me a sewing machine, 1 worked for small clothing companies in the beginning and after about five years in the industry, I went back to school, mainly wanted to learn more pattern making ‚ÄĒ and get an important piece of paper in order to get better jobs. I designed for fifteen years, working for other people and stuff, but now I do little projects re-working vintage pieces. I have a sewing machine right in the back ‚ÄĒ take the sleeves off to make it more modern and current.

What Is the attitude of Hunt & Gather?
It's definitely not a traditional vintage shop, ft's the type of store that's in Los Angeles, New York, San's a more hybrid combination. And were not into era-specific vintage, we have stuff from the '60s, '70s, '80s, and even some '90s. We have tons of reworked Jewelry by local designers that makes it more modem and funky, not your traditional vintage.

Describe your personal style.
I really like big flowy tops, skinny jeans, chunky shoes ‚ÄĒ that's my favorite. It's usually '70s and '80s silk blouses with crazy prints, paired with something simple on the bottom and a modem pair of shoes.

A few wise words for the stylish college student?
Don't be afraid, San Diego! You can wear something besides flip flops and T-shirts. I think people need to not care so much what other people think ‚ÄĒ just be free and brave, find your own style. It's not about trends, but figuring out what you like."



San Diego Magazine | Summer/Fall 2010

Second-hand Style   by Rebekah Sager

"Often re-constructed to update vintage looks. Very fashion forward. University Heights." | July 19, 2010

Neighborhoods: Hunt & Gather   by Rebekah Sager

"Savvy shoppers know ‚Äúvintage-trendy‚ÄĚ is the only way to go. And Hunt & Gather, located in University Heights, is a singular clothing boutique where the sixties, seventies, eighties and the present dovetail seamlessly.

The shop is owned by couple Zoe Crenshaw and Lee Reynolds. Reynolds, a Brit from Oxford, is a former professional BMX bike rider turned street-wear and graphics designer. Crenshaw, a Pacific Beach native, is a successful clothing designer, most recently working for Callaway, Marika and Body Glove.

Hunt & Gather is an edgy little store that gives stylish and thrifty shoppers a place to score one-of-a-kind closet additions. (They also carry thousands of hard-to-find vinyl records, as well as locally produced art, and accessories.)
Shopping in estate sales, swap meets, and rummage sales, Crenshaw has tracked down such unbelievable gets as a classic Dior clutch, and a trendy Anna Corrina handbag.

With Lee’s influence apparent, men are shopping here in droves.

In addition to time spent hunting, Crenshaw works for hours cleaning and altering found-art treasures into wearable and updated pieces.

Crenshaw and Reynolds believe that vintage stores are right for the times because you can find high fashion for less, and because people are beginning to think about the next dimension of recycling and eco-friendly shopping. The name of the store says it all. Says Crenshaw: 'We hunt for the perfect find and gather the things we love.'"



NBC San Diego | October 7, 2009

A New Boutique Is a Special Thing   by Vanessa Valiente

"Replacing Neighbourhood, Hunt & Gather has a certain San Francisco and London vibe that San Diego has been craving." | September 23, 2009

Get Vintage Finds At Hunt & Gather's Summer Sale

"When Neighbourhood Boutique in University Heights closed its doors in May of this year locals waited with breathe that is bated for the new occupant. Needless to say San Diegans rejoiced when we saw the new store. Owned by Zoe Crenshaw and Lee Reynolds, Hunt & Gather fills a void in San Diego by providing clothing and accessories for men and women reminescent of London and San Fransisco's street style. Their merchandise consists of new pieces, vintage and reconstructed vintage at reasonable prices. A breathe of fresh air considering the over inflated price tags I have seen on "vintage" clothing.

To celebrate a successful summer with Hunt & Gather, Zoe & Lee are having an end of the summer party and sale this Friday with complimentary refreshments and music by Dr. Indulgent, Alex Villalobos and Monchis. I must admit having a beverage while shopping to good music has always been a favorite past time of mine."



The Radar | 2009

SHOP TALK: Thrill Of the Hunt

"Talk about a mulligan! After Zoe Crenshaw got downsized from her spot as designer for local golf brand Callaway, it was the chance for her and business partner/husband Lee Reynolds to live out their true sartorial calling. At their new University Heights shop Hunt and Gather, vintage Miu Miu, Dior and Sonia Rykiel flutter alongside such local labels as Grammatique, Seed Bead and Twine (not to mention David Higgs' showstopping antler baubles). The in-house label of graphic shorts and dresses is already winning over Uptown scenesters.

The snappy space was designed by Bells & Whistles, replete with atomic-style chandelier and turntable. Crenshaw's CV includes Bebe, Fox and Body Glove. Brit-born Reynolds, meanwhile, is a graphic designer, former pro BMX biker and DJ who stocks the store with vinyl in the form of Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Clash, and rare Bjork."



DiscoverSD | July 28, 2009

Vintage Steals at Hunt and Gather in University Heights   by Vanessa Valiente

"It was a sad day when University Heights said goodbye to Neighbourhood boutique, but the mourning gave way to excitement when we learned who took over the lease.

San Diego residents and apparel designers of fifteen years, Zoe and Lee Reynolds birthed Hunt & Gather boutique to fill a void in the San Diego shopping scene. A vintage boutique reminiscent of shops in San Francisco, Notting Hill and New York, Hunt & Gather brings locals an incredible selection of garments and accessories as well as reconstructed vintage items to boot; all while Lee, a local DJ, spins music.

You may be thinking San Diego already boasts many vintage stores and thrift shops; yes, but none quite like this one. Walking into Hunt & Gather is like creeping into Kate Moss's closet. Devil-may-care style with a twist of international chic. One gander at the untraceable assortment and I figured the couple named the new style child Hunt & Gather because they went hunting and gathering for incredible finds, and then set up shop.

The store's name, however, is a reflection of the most natural function: "We have to hunt for things to survive. Certain people can't survive without fashion, for some its music;' explains Zoe. "It's also a place to come together and gather with others."

Who wouldn't want to hang out in this jewel of a shop? Besides extraordinary, season-less female fashions, Hunt & Gather has an equally stylish men's section, local art for sale and rare vinyl

Insider Tip: Some lady items to look out for in Hunt & Gather a fur vest, English boots, strapless plaid tunics made from men's dress shirts, and '80s glam earrings. Hunt & Gather items for gentlemen to look into: snappy dress shoes, MacGyver's leather jacket and soft, soft tee shirts.

Visit the new San Diego Hunt & Gather in University Heights. Find more of the best boutiques and malls in San Diego in our shopping directory, and keep up to speed on style trends in our shopping biog. For more fashion advice or a wardrobe consultation with a personal stylist, visit"




Trend Magazine Winter 2013 / UCSD

5 Days Worth of Outfits & Parties / San Diego Magazine

America's Best Hipster Neighborhoods / Forbes (photo)


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